Unfortunately, toxic and hostile workplaces are nothing new. Fortunately, social media and the internet are relatively new. And they are both playing a role in empowering individuals to create change through finding a collective voice and pushing for improved workplace outcomes.

Numerous organizations across multiple industries are learning this lesson…

In time for this year’s movie

Frank Herbert is to Sci-Fi what J R R Tolkien is to Fantasy and if you disagree fight me in the comments.

Published first in 1965, the franchise has gone from strength to strength, spanning novels, short stories, films, TV shows and now even video games and comic books.


Jumping into one of the world’s biggest games

First launched back in 2015, Rocket League hit the scene and became an almost-instant success. Its popularity has sky-rocketed over the more than half-decade since its release, with its presence on the esports scene and events like the Rocket League Championship Series boosting its presence in the video game community.

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