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I was nine years old when the disc for Silent Hill first made its way into my PlayStation and proceeded to scare the living daylights out of me.

21 years later, the nightmare is still real, and it has sadly been years since we’ve had an entry into the video game franchise.

Does that mean it is over, or ripe for opportunity?

Let’s take a look!

Silent Hill at a glance:

The main entries into the franchise are what made it so famous and spawned generations of innovative survival horror.

Silent Hill: Harry Mason kicks it all off with his first foray into the foggy…

Unfortunately, toxic and hostile workplaces are nothing new. Fortunately, social media and the internet are relatively new. And they are both playing a role in empowering individuals to create change through finding a collective voice and pushing for improved workplace outcomes.

Numerous organizations across multiple industries are learning this lesson the hard way; video game developers and publishers are clearly not immune either. The most recent high-profile example is, of course, development and publishing behemoth Activision Blizzard. …

The Pokémon franchise continues to delight fans across multiple mediums in 2021

Pokémon is the gift that keeps on giving. It doesn’t matter if you played it in your childhood back in the ’90s or if you discovered it by playing around in the park with Pokémon Go in 2016 (or maybe 2019’s Detective Pikachu won you over).

Whatever our entry point was, we all love Pokémon. And thankfully, there are several recently-released and upcoming projects that you should keep on your radar.

In time for Amazon’s Series

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Now that Amazon’s upcoming answer to Game of Thrones — their untitled Lord of the Rings series — has a release date (September 2022!) it is time for everyone to GET HYPE and revisit what makes Middle Earth so special.

Worried you don’t know enough about the First and Second Ages to enjoy this prequel? Don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered.

Whilst details of the series are scarce, and speculation has been rife, the little that we do know can tell us quite a lot about the likely story beats over the course of however many seasons of the…

In time for this year’s movie

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Frank Herbert is to Sci-Fi what J R R Tolkien is to Fantasy and if you disagree fight me in the comments.

Published first in 1965, the franchise has gone from strength to strength, spanning novels, short stories, films, TV shows and now even video games and comic books.

When the new film eventually releases later this year — I don’t even want to write a release date it is has been delayed so many times — millions of movie-goers will be introduced to the rich and detailed universe of Dune, or Arrakis to fans.

Here’s a short primer of…

Mentioning the 7 best comics to read on Webtoons.

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Best Comics to Read on Webtoons In 2021

There are multiple platforms to read the best comics, and Webtoons is one of the best platforms to read Comics. In this article, I will discuss 7 of the best comics to read on Webtoons. Most of these Comics on Webtoons are completed; grab some popcorn, and read some quality comic. Webtoons have both the app and website, and you can find these comics on both devices.

is one of the best mobile-based comics-based platforms. They have over 15 Million active readers.

Showing up big in Sony’s most popular home-grown franchise

MLB The Show ‘21 has a new game mode called Showdown, and some players are having a hard time getting through its gauntlet of challenges. So I’ve put together a little cheat sheet for beating Showdown. Enjoy!

Jumping into one of the world’s biggest games

First launched back in 2015, Rocket League hit the scene and became an almost-instant success. Its popularity has sky-rocketed over the more than half-decade since its release, with its presence on the esports scene and events like the Rocket League Championship Series boosting its presence in the video game community.

This new Resident Evil proves to be a game you can’t ignore

Who doesn’t love being thrown into a Transylvanian-esque world and taking out ancient nightmares?

Resident Evil Village takes a page from Transylvania legends and myths, bringing haunting and grotesque monsters you will face head on. If that sounds right up your alley, this eighth installment in the Resident Evil franchise is for you.

This game isn’t just smartly dubbed “Village” to nicely fit in the roman numbers VII (8). You’re actually in a village in Eastern Europe for the entire game. And this village doesn’t quite welcome fumbling tourists.

While in the last Resident Evil installment we followed our protagonist…

According to their comic book counterparts

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Throughout their comic book — and now big screen — history, DC’s Suicide Squad has started big and gotten progressively smaller.

Can you guess why!?

In this post, we will rank the relative power of each member of the squad in the 2021 film according to both what we know about them on-screen and on the colorful page.

Careful, possible spoilers incoming…

#1: King Shark

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